Royal Oak Hotel, North Fitzroy

Royal Oak Hotel North Fitzroy Victoria photo royal oak hotel website

The Royal Oak Hotel, North Fitzroy, Victoria. Picture:

The Royal Oak Hotel is located at the corner of Nicholson and Freeman Streets, Fitzroy North. The Melbourne pub was opened in March 1871 by Emma Phair. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the hotel was owned by Mick Walsh, the father of television variety show compare, Mike Walsh.

Mick Walsh and his wife Anne were publicans from way back. They moved from Corowa, NSW – where their two sons, Mike (Jnr) and Frank were born – to Melbourne to run the Royal Oak.

Royal Oak Hotel North Fitzroy Victoria public bar photo royal oak hotel website

The Royal Oak Hotel, North Fitzroy, Victoria. Picture:

Police Have Warm Time

royal oak hotrel north fitzroy vic victorian heritage

The Royal Oak, North Fitzroy. Picture: Victoria Heritage

Melbourne, Sunday: As a result of the popularity of Richmond Brewery beer, the Royal Oak Hotel in Fitzroy, which specialises in this new make of ales, has been doing a roaring trade.

The hotel was so crowded 6pm on Saturday that the licensee could not close his doors, and when the police arrived there were numerous fights in progress.

The police arrested 10 of the brawlers. The police had to use their batons to disperse the rioters.

– Port Pirie Recorder Monday 11 February 1929



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