Death of a Lunatic

Whalers Arms, Gloucester Street, Millers Point, The Rocks, Sydney

Whalers Arms, Gloucester Street, Millers Point, The Rocks, Sydney

AN inquest was held yesterday at the Observer Tavern as to the cause of death of Louis Murray,a sailor, about 41 years of age, who had been lodging at the Whaler’s Arms Hotel, Millar’s Point.

During the last few days he had given evidence of mental aberration, and was seen wandering about with a knife in his hand. As it was considered it was unsafe for him to be at large, he was locked up in Cumberland-street Police Office on Saturday night on a charge of insanity.

He was seen several times during the night, but nothing special was observed in his conduct. About 7 o’clock on Sunday morning a prisoner in the same cell called out that Murray was apparently dying.

Dr. Hunter was sent for, but before his arrival Murray died. A postmortem examination was made, which revealed the fact that the membranes and the brain were highly congested, and the right lung was in the state of inflammation: in fact it was mortifying, and he was past all medical aid.

He had been drinking for some weeks. The jury returned a verdict of death from inflammation of the lung.

– Sydney Evening News Tuesday 20 September 1881

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