The first Imperial Hotel, Newtown

Imperial Hotel, Newtown 1920

Imperial Hotel, Newtown 1920

AN old woman named Catherine Hind was charged at the Newtown Police Court to-day with having stolen an alarm clock belonging to David Ward, and with having a white dress and toilet cover in her possession supposed to have been stolen. She was arrested on Wednesday by Senior-constables Matthews and Stokes in King street with the bundle under her arm. She stated then that it was her own property, but subsequently admitted having stolen the dress and toilet-cover from a line in a yard, but was unable to say where. The clock she stole from the parlor of Mr. Ward’s Imperial Hotel. For the first offence she was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment, and for the second to one month,to be cumulative. She had been previously convicted. The police would like to find the owner of the dress.

– Sydney Evening News Saturday 31 January 1891.

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