Time Gents, Please….

six oclock swill 2

Typical scene in the lead-up to tha call of “”time gents” during the “six o’clock swill” era in Australian pubs. Can anyone identify this pub?

Time gents, drink ’em up”, was the barman’s call as six o’clock approached and the taps were turned off for another day. The six o’clock swill was Australian and New Zealand slang for the last-minute rush to buy drinks before the 6pm closing of pubs during a significant part of the 20th century. Time Gents is a collection of pub histories, stories yarns, legends and traditions, by journalist and blogger, Mick Roberts.

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  1. Waterstreet,s Railway Commercial Hotel-built by Gordon and Gordon architects-c1882-owned originally by mr mrs Pool.then years after 1908/9 Hanora Waterstreet bought the freehold-building–family ran it till 1983- a few owners later it was being restored to heritage-owner was Scottish but failed in business and was auctioned of in 2006.lic was bought off title and building later turned into upmarked appartments- in 2012.-

  2. OH -by the way i didnt give you permission to copy our photo of cas hotel, and then ask for money –thats not the deal –please reply—

    • What photo are you talking about, and what “deal” and “permission” are you referring to? I can’t recall making any deals with you, Peter? Which is the “Cas hotel”? I’ve never asked for any money for any photos? All the information I research and publish here at the Time Gents blog is freely available, and shared with other “pub groups”. Get back to me, so we can sort this out ASAP?

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