Jindabyne Hotel Destroyed

jindabyne hotel

The remains of the old section of the 100-year-old hotel at Jindabyne which was gutted by fire yesterday. The new wing was undamaged.

COOMA, Tuesday 

Guests ran to safety as fire destroyed the historic hotel at Old Jindabyne early this morning.

The tremendous heat from the fire melted beer glasses and exploded liquor bottles. All that remained of the bar today was six poles and a heap of rubble.

Although the old section of the hotel, built more than 100 years ago, was gutted, another wing of the hotel containing about nine guests’ rooms was almost undamaged.

Uninsured stock worth at least £3,000 was believed to have been lost.

The hotel eventually would have been covered by the waters of the Jindabyne Reservoir.

The Snowy Mountains authority recently purchased the hotel to make way for the lake but had leased it to the firm which owns the Commodore hotel motel.

The firm has an appliction before the Licensing Court in Cooma next week for the transfer of the liquor licence from the Jindabyne Hotel to the new Commodore hotel at New Jindabyne.

It is understood that the application will not be opposed.

– The Canberra Times, Wednesday 7 October 1964 

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