Brewery truck crash provides free beer on Bulli Pass

beer kegs road

Spilled kegs on the roadway. Note: This is not the Bulli Pass incident. Picture: Supplied

FOR five hours after a beer truck had crashed while coming down Bulli Pass, last night, sightseers sat on the side of the roadway drinking free beer.

They came from as far afield as Fairy Meadow and Wollongong to join in the rush for ‘free slops’.

More than six kegs of beer were damaged in the accident.

The folk who live on the Pass were happier to night than they have been since V.P. night,’ said one resident, late last night. Kegs rolled to the bottom of the Pass, nearly 500 yards from the scene of the accident.

– Goulburn Evening Post Friday January 26 1951.


Sunday Times (Perth WA) Sunday 7 September 1947

free beer 1947

CHILDREN filling billy cans and glasses with beer from a broken barrel on the roadway after a Sydney collision between a tram and a brewery lorry this week.

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