The Hermet Park Hotel

hermit park hotel old

The Hermit Park Hotel, showing the balcony a border fell from while sleep walking in 1951.

AT midnight last night. Les Mazlan, a boarder at the Hermit Park Hotel, [Townsville Queensland] walked off the top balcony of the hotel and was found lying on the footpath clad in pyjamas. Mazlan, who told Ambulance bearers that he often walked in his sleep, suffered concussion, abrasions to his head, and an injury to his right hip. He was admitted to the General Hospital at an early hour this morning.

-Townsville Daily Bulletin Wednesday 21 February 1951

hermit park hotel townsville 2016
Situated just 5 minutes from the city centre of Townsville in North Queensland, the Hermit Park Hotel looks a lot different to the pub of the 1950s. More:


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