Hanging out at the Ariah Park Hotel

ariah park hotel 1916

Ariah Park Hotel 1914. Photo: Ariah Park Hotel

THE beautiful Federation style Ariah Park Hotel was established in 1914, and features much of its original grandeur, like stained glass windows, and wall tiles and grand staircases.Ariah Park is a small town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, 35 kilometres west of Temora and 65 kilometres south of West Wyalong. Here’s a little tale from just eight years after the pub opened for business. The Burrowa News reported on Friday September 1 1922:

Weird Practical Joke

Someone played what was rather a weird kind of a joke on the groom at the Ariah Park Hotel one night last week. The effigy of a man was rigged up and suspended by the

neck in the stable. When the groom opened the stable door it touched the form and the groom at once concluded that there had been a case of suicide. The shock was so great that he ran with all haste to inform the police of what he found. So real did the thing ap-

pear to him that he told the police and doctor that the man’s tounge was hanging out by inches. He was naturally much taken aback when he got to the stable with the constable and medico, and disovered that it was all a joke. The doctor, got no fee and the policeman no case out of it.

ariah park hotel nsw 2016

The Ariah Park Hotel today. Photo: Ariah Park Hotel


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