Demise of Broome’s Weld Club Hotel


Broome, September 22,

The Weld Club Hotel (pictured), and the residence of Mr. Rodriguez, which adjoined, were entirely destroyed by fire at 3 o’clock this morning.

No lives were lost, but Mr. Thomas Egan, formerly of Kalgoorlie, had a narrow escape from death. He was aroused from his bed after the flames had obtained a firm hold of the premises, and had to rush across the roof of the verandah and slide down a post to the ground.

The hotel was constructed of wood and iron, and within half an hour ofthe commencement of the fire practically nothing of the structure was left. The Insurance of the hotel and furniture amounted to £2,000, the policy being held in the South British Insurance Company.

A small quantity of furniture was saved from Mr. Rodriguez’s residence. Neither Mr. Rodriguez’s house nor his furniture was insured. An inquest concerning the origin of the fire was opened today and the jury adjourned to inspect the site.

-Western Mail (Perth, WA), Saturday 30 September 1905.

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