Justice Chubb on teetotalers


English born Honorable Justice Charles E. Chubb in 1889. He became a member of the Supreme Court of Queensland on December 2 1889, serving first at Townsville until 1908, and then at Brisbane. He retired from the court in 1922, and died in 1930 at the age of 85.

DURING the reading of an affidavit at the Supreme Court, Townsville, it was stated that a certain person was a strict teetotaller.
Mr. Justice Chubb thereupon said: “I very much admire him. I wish I were a teetotaller too. I would rather be a teetotaller than a publican, of the two. Of course I speak generally.”
Mr. Jameson: “Well, I think, your honour, I should prefer to be a wealthy publican than a poor teetotaller.”
His Honour (laughing): “But, then, you have no conscience, Mr. Jameson.”
– The Week (Brisbane, Qld.) Friday 26 February 1897.

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