American idea of eggs in beer doesn’t catch on with Aussie drinkers

egg beer 1

HE DIDN’T LIKE IT. Jack Clarkson (above) was persuaded to try an egg-beer-flip. His reaction was almost violent.

egg beer 2

LIKED IT. Bert Forde said the drink was just to his taste – but you wouldn’t know from the picture.

A SELECTION of Sydney drinkers mixed raw eggs with their beers recently, and most of them enjoyed the flavor.

A reporter bought a bag of eggs and asked drinkers in hotel bars if they would like to mix one with their beers.

American poultry farmers have persuaded hotel proprietors and bartenders to put raw eggs in beer. They say that eggs in beer give better health and that the hotels would profit by being able to serve less beer in a glass.

Some Australian poultry farmers are following up the idea.

Many drinkers told the Sydney reporter they “would rather die than waste a good beer,” even if his paper paid for it.

Most Liked It

But a few said they would try it, and apply for compensation if they felt ill afterwards. Most of them liked it.

One said: “Not bad at all. If the publicans want to do their best customers a good turn, they should take this idea on.

“I don’t suppose everyone would like it, but it suits me. In fact, I feel better already.”

Another stirred his egg-beer for more than 5 minutes before drinking it, “ust to make sure that gooey stuff is all dissolved.”

When he had finished the glass he said: “I think I could do another one if the paper will pay for it.”

He didn’t get another one.

Third drinker said: “The egg makes the beer rich… you really get something for your money.

“But I don’t think it is as good as plain beer.” Fourth didn’t like it, and said so.

“Are you sure it’s egg in this?” he asked.

“I’ll have to have about 10 beers to take the taste away.

“These Yanks must be mad.”

– Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA), Thursday 31 March 1949.



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