Publican almost loses the lot in 1925 Warrandyte Hotel blaze

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The Warrandyte Hotel, Warrandyte, Victoria, C1920.

Warrandyte Hotel Burnt Out

warrandyte hotel fire 1925

All that remains of the Warrandyte Hotel, which was rased to the ground by fire early on Monday morning. Inset: Mrs C. J. Connolly, the licensee, and her husband.

The Warrandyte Hotel, an old landmark 17 miles from Melbourne, was totally destroyed by fire in the early hours of Monday. The hotel was established about 70 years ago by the late Mr James MCutcheon, and was owned by Mrs Stott, Warrandyte.

When the alarm was raised by Mr T. Griffiths, the local baker, at midnight and the seven occupants were sleeping soundly. A few minutes later the whole weatherboard structure was ablaze, and there were some narrow escapes.

Mrs. C. J. Connelly, the licensee, her husband and two children took possession of the hotel three months ago from Mr T. O’Donnell. With the exception of her rings, which she kept on her fingers, Mrs. Connelly lost all her personal belongings.

The inmates rushed into the street in their night attire, and every effort was made by fire-beaters to subdue the flames. Nearly an hour elapsed before the arrival of the fire brigade.

At 1 p.m. all that remained of the building, a charred mass of debris, was still smouldering. The losses included between £50 and £60 in notes and silver, some of which may be recovered.

– Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic) Saturday 2 May 1925.


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