On the water wagon

water truck qld 1920s

A council water truck at Wondai, Queensland 1920s. Photo: State LIbrary of Qld, John Oxley Library.


Brewery Advertising Rejected

Newcastle Council has a new water wagon. A brewery firm is also anxious to go on the wagon. At the council meeting last night a letter was received containing congratulations on the up-to-date motor water wagon, and asking leave to advertise on the wagon, at a price to be fixed. The brewery wished to place on the wagon a poster pointing out that while water is an excellent thing for the roads, beer is an excellent thing for the human system. The letter was received amid groans and laughter. “Beer on the water wagon; that gets me!” ejaculated Alderman Dick. The council declined to entertain the proposal.

– Newcastle Sun (NSW), Tuesday 22 March 1921.


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  1. Love that it Was alderman dick who ejaculated

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