Hotel Cuicairn, Culcairn

culcairn hotel 1911

Hotel Culcairn, Culcairne 1911

culcairn hotel single storey

The original 1891 Culcairn Hotel

The Hotel Cuicairn : Fine Example of a Country Hotel.

Fourteen years ago Mr. F. W. Seholz took over the old hotel — a small, one-storeyed building on the present site — on a five years’ lease, and then bought it. There were at that time only two or three buildings in Cuicairn, but even then there was a good deal of railway traffic at the junction town. The lack of an efficient water supply was felt at the time, and 14s or 12s per 1000 gallons had to be paid for water.

About six years ago, however, a shaft was sunk near the hotel, and water was struck at 100ft. The proprietor then set to work on the extensive and exceedingly beautiful gardens which now form part of the hotel grounds. A second story and ornate superstructure were lately added to the original building, the whole being completed a few months ago at a cost of £3000.

The hotel contains 50 rooms, and is furnished in oak throughout. There are extensive verandahs and balconies back and front. The building is electrically lighted, and the dining and smoke rooms are fitted with electric fans. The electric light plant is driven by a 28-h.p. suction gas engine, which generates sufficient power to light the hotel, about ten stores, School of Arts, council chambers, police station, and billiard-room.

Mr. Seholz has erected a big row of eight brick shops alongside the hotel. At the rear there are large livery stables for the convenience of travellers.

– The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser Wednesday 22 February 1911.

For a more detailed history visit the Time Gents story: A grand landmark: The Hotel Culcairn and publican, William Scholz

culcairne hotel pat adams

The Hotel Culcairn in 2017. Pictures: Pat Adams.



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