Albion Brewery, Wagga Wagga

albion brewery wagga wagga 1897

Albion Brewery, Wagga Wagga 1897. Photo: Sydney Mail October 2 1897

The Albion Brewery in Baylis Street Wagga Wagga, NSW was established by William Davoren and Hugh McDonald in 1889.

According to the late Keith M. Deutsher, in his book ‘Breweries of Australia, A History’, the pair had two competitor breweries to contend with at the time – the Murrumbidgee and the Wagga Wagga.

Deutsher says that both the competitor breweries were well established, and this was probably one reason why the Albion Brewery was never a success.

The death of William Davoren shortly after the brewery started was also a reason why the business had such a short existence. The Albion Brewery was leased to Richard Mooney, after Daveron’s death, who lasted for only a couple of years.

The brewery was then controlled by the executors of Davoren’s estate before Thomas Loughlin and James Bellair operated the brewery from 1895 to 1898.

The Sydney Mail reported on Saturday October 2 1897 that Thomas Loughlin’s Brewery was one of the landmarks in Baylis-street.

The establishment is famous for its brands of draught and bottled ales and stout. Loughlin’s XXX ales are famous all over the Wagga district, and the brewing plant is an up-to-date one, and nothing but the best materials are used to ensure good and even brews. Mr Loughlin has been identified with the brewing business during the past 18 years, and is deservedly popular throughout the Wagga district.

Loughlin also had a short stay, and a new owner, James Beatie took over in 1898. Beatie was an aerated water and cordial manufacturer. However, Beatie was also gone in a year and the final owner in 1899 was William Robertson, who was joined by Thomas D’Arcy Burke of the Clarence River Brewery, Maclean, in September of that year.


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