Adelphi Hotel, Perth

NO, this is not an early photo of a drag-show in one of Sydney’s Oxford Street pubs. Although you could be forgiven if you thought it was…. In fact, this great photo was headed, “Masculine Manneqins”, in the Daily News in July 1947, and was taken in the Adelphi Hotel, Perth. The men “emulated the female species” and gave “a fashion parade” to help the Crippled Children’s Society.

adelphi hotel men dressed as women 1946

INVADING the Adelphi Hotel last night in unusual garb, these Perth men put on a fashion parade to help the W.A. Crippled Children’s Society. At the cost of putting on make up and, in some cases, sacrificing their moustaches they did their best to emulate the female of the species. Shown (from left to right) are: Messrs.
W. Hall, G. Hack, W. J. Lucas, P. B. Healy, F. King, F. Ruse and R. Dix.


The Adelphi Hotel, Perth 1936. Photo: State Library of Western Australia.

The Adelphi Hotel was located at the corner of St Georges Terrace and Mill Street in Perth. The grand hotel was built in 1935 and demolished in 1967. Built as a hotel for gold miner and Perth hotelier Gordon Dunleavy, everything was on a grand, luxurious scale. Margaret Pitt Morison, Western Australia’s first female architect, designed the interior. The hotel was demolished and replaced by Parmelia House, a 19-storey office building.


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