‘B’ Day brings celebrations

IT was branded “B-Day”, when beer was back “on” in all parts of NSW after almost a month’s drought, following the strike at Tooth’s Kent Brewery, which was settled in April 1946. A similar strike, which lasted for six weeks, had similar consequences, drying up hotels around the state. While some pubs had interstate beer shipped in, it often went dried-up quickly. When the strike ended, thirsty men (and women) flocked back to their local watering holes.

beer strike finished newcastle 1949

FIRST BEER for six weeks. — S. Bennett and R. Bell were all smiles when they rolled out barrels of beer unloaded from the steamer Malubinba at the Hunter River Co.’s wharf this morning. It was stated today that the beer would be delivered to Newcastle hotels this afternoon for sale tomorrow.
– The Newcastle Sun Monday 15 August 1949.
















loading kegs for bathurst 1940s

BEER FOR BATHURST and points west being loaded into railway trucks at Darling Harbour yards today. Tooth’s Brewery are moving to stock all their hotels in NSW for
B-day, Wednesday.
– The Sydney Sun Monday 8 April 1946





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