Covent Gardens Hotel, Haymarket


The Covent Gardens Hotel, Haymarket, 2017. Photo:

Covent-Garden-Hotel-Haymarket 1910

The Covent Gardens Hotel, Haymarket, 1910. Photo: City of Sydney.

The old Covent Gardens Hotel, at the corner of Dixon and Hay-streets, Sydney, is being rebuilt. Yesterday the workmen engaged in digging the foundations came across an old three-railed open fence, at a distance of nine feet below the present level of the footpath. When removed the fence was found to be in a splendid state of preservation, notwithstanding that it is fully 70 years since it was buried out of sight. The timber was either ironbark or stringy bark, and it is without doubt as good as the day it was cut from the tree.
– The Farmer and Settler (Sydney) Friday 16 February 1912


There’s been a pub on the site of the Covent Gardens Hotel since at least 1871.
The Miller’s Arms Hotel was located at this corner from this time and by the mid-1870s had the sign of the Engineers’ Hotel. As the City Markets were moving into the area, the hotel was re-named in 1910 and became Covent Garden Hotel.

Covent Garden Hotel Haymarkey Sydney 1949 ANU

The Covent Gardens Hotel, Haymarket, 1943. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University

The hotel and adjacent terraces were demolished as part of land resumptions for the market development in 1912. A three-storey Tooths & Co hotel with cellar was constructed. From the 1950s, Chinese restaurants operated on the first floor of the hotel. The Tai Yuen Restaurant was one of Sydney’s oldest, largest and most popular.
Between 1910 and 1922 the site, east of the Covent Garden Hotel, sat vacant.

The Covent Garden Hotel licensee was leaseholder of the vacant land. In 1922, a three-storey infill extension to the Covent Garden Hotel was completed. This extension comprised two shops divided by a central passage on the ground floor and a dining area and kitchen on the first floor. On the second floor, seven bedrooms connected to the adjoining hotel’s bedroom level.

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