Great Western Hotel, Dubbo

Great Western Hotel Dubbo 1925 later Garden Hotel anu

The Great Western Hotel, Dubbo, 1930. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian national University.

THE Dubbo Dispatch reported a “sordid story” on October 18 1928 after a red faced Albert Morgan hired a room at the Great Western Hotel at Dubbo.

Now known as the Garden Hotel, Albert, the Dispatch reported, stayed the night in his room with “a woman of alleged loose virtues”.

Sergeant Sheridan wasn’t too happy with Albert’s indiscretions and charged him with hiring a room at the pub for the purpose of prostitution.

Besides his naming and shaming in the local rag, poor old Albert and his female companion were whacked with a £2 fine each, with eight shillings court costs, or 14 days’ hard labour in prison.

Garden Hotel former Great Western Dubbo Google 2018

The Garden Hotel, Dubbo was once known as the Great Western Hotel. Photo: Google Streetview.

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