Jones’s Hotel, Glenrowan

Jones Hotel Ned Kelly 1880

Jones’s Hotel, the last refuge of the hunted [Ned Kelly] outlaws, is a public house about a hundred yards from the Glenrowan railway station. It is of the kind common all over the country — wooden walls, shingle roof, a verandah in front, a kitchen behind.

It stood on its own isolated allotment of ground, and, consequently, was easily surrounded, the siege on this place began shortly before four o’clock in the morning, and was kept up until soon after three in the afternoon.

Senior-constable Charles Johnson, of Violet Town, at a given signal then approached the hotel, and fired it with a bundle of straw on the west side. The place was soon ablaze, but the occupants it was intended to dislodge were dead probably long before, and only their scorched bodies were dragged out of the burning building. In a very short time only a few uprights, the chimneys, a signpost and a mass of charred wood remained to tell where once the hotel stood.

The ruins are shown in our illustration, and some idea may be formed of its appearance and relation to the surrounding houses from the bird’s-eye view of’ the township of Glenrowan.

– Illustrated Adelaide News Wednesday 1 September 1880. 

glenrowan 1

A very comprehensive bird’s-eye view of a pretty township, that will always retain historical interest because of the law less performances of the Kelly outlaws, and the tragic end that most of them came to there. The town is situated in a gap in Futter’s Ranges, 136 miles distant from Melbourne. The figured reference to the picture shows several interesting features; amongst them — Jones’s hotel where Byrne, Dan Kelly, and Hart were killed ; the outhouse, where Martin Cherry, the platelayer, was found after the hotel was fired ; the tree where Ned Kelly was captured, and several others. The picture will materially assist our readers in understanding the particulars of the attack on the outlaws.

BIRD’S-EYE VIEW OF GLENROWAN – 1: Jones’s Hotel. 2: Out House. 3: Railway Station 4: Stationmaster’s House. 5: McDonald’s Hotel. 6: Platelayers’ Tents. 7: Taken by the Police. 8: Trench: Lieutenant O’Conner and Black Trackers’ Post. 9: Spot where Mr. Hart was Shot. 10: Paddock Shooting. 11: Tree where Ned Kelly was Captured. 12: Road to Bracken’s Station. 13: Half-a-Mile from Here the Rails were taken up.

ned kelly shooting 1880

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