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beer garden golden sheaf hotel double bay sydney 1947

Women and men in a mixed drinking party in the courtyard of the Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney. The table is one of 75 fitted up by the hotel for open-air drinking. Photo: Daily Telegraph Sunday 25 May 1947

Golden Sheaf Hotel Double Bay Sydney 1949 ANU

The Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney, 1949. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

Bigger, Better beer garden for Sydney

Licensee Jack Thomas, of the Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, is planning one of the biggest beer gardens in Australia.

Recently he established a small beer garden of 15 tables in the concrete courtyard behind the hotel. The courtyard is extensively used by motorists as a “drive-in” bar.

The present beer garden almost surrounds the “drive-in” area. The 15 tables can accommodate 120 drinkers. Tables and chairs are painted in gay colours.

Customers buy their drinks at the bar and carry them out to the garden.

“Only The Beginning”

Mr. Thomas said yesterday: – “This garden is only the beginning of something I have planned for years.

“It will be gradually extended as material and labour become available.

“I will’ incorporate all the best features of British and Continental beer gardens with my own ideas.

“I want particularly to establish a bright, gaily coloured, happy garden, set among flowers and shrubs.

“I shall always retain the ‘drive-in’ service for motorists. It has proved very popular. By demolishing a brick wall in the courtyard I shall be able to add a large lawn to the beer-garden area.

“I shall do this as soon as I can get more garden tables and chairs.”

Drinkers last night said they appreciated the establishment of the beer garden. Miss Naomi Davison, of Bondi, said: “Sydney takes one more step forward.

“I enjoy a glass of beer only when I can sit in the good fresh air to drink it.”

– Daily Telegraph Sunday 25 May 1947


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