Gollan Hotel’s Royal stay

Golan Hotel Lismore 1950s anu

How the Gollan Hotel looked in the 1950s when Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh spent the night. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University

queen gollon hotel lismore 1954

The Queen waving a greeting from the balcony of the Hotel Gollan, Lismore to the wildly enthusiastic crowds in the street below. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh spent Tuesday night at the Hotel Gollan.

– Warwick Daily News Thursday February 11 1954. 

WHO would have thought Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh once spent the night at the Gollan Hotel at Lismore, on the NSW north coast!

The Queen was the first reigning monarch to set foot on Australian soil, coming ashore at Farm Cove, Sydney, on February 3 1954.

While in Australia the royals visited 57 towns and cities during the 58 day tour. They traversed the country by plane, train, ship and car from Cairns in the north, Broken Hill in the west to Hobart in the south – including spending the night at the Gollan Hotel, Lismore on Tuesday February 10 1954.

Hotel Gollon Lismore balcony

How the Gollan Hotel balcony looks today. Photo: Google Streetview

hotel gollon lismore google

Gollan Hotel, Lismore today. Photo: Google Streetview


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  1. I hadn’t realised how extensive that tour was.

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