Ned Kelly’s not on the roll!

The Glenrowan Hotel, Glenrowan, Victoria posted an absolute gem on their Facebook Page this week:

ned kelly tax

The letter from the Australian Electoral Commission. Photo: Glenrowan Hotel Facebook

“Does The Australian Electoral Commission know something we don’t , if you see him wandering about could you inform him that he has mail at the hotel before he gets fined or hanged for not voting.”

Glenrowan Hotel owner Andrew Crimmins reportedly got the surprise of his life when he collected his regular mail on Friday – a letter from the Australian Electoral Commission, addressed to “Edward Kelly, Glenrowan Pub”.

The Kelly gang’s last stand took place in 1880 at the nearby ‘Glenrowan Inn’, which was destroyed by fire during the siege. Mr Crimmins said nobody by the name of Kelly is associated with the current Glenrowan Hotel, and during his seven-years as host, there’s been no sighting of the infamous bushranger.

“Lots of people claiming to be relatives, but not him actually himself,” the publican was reported as saying.

The Glenrowan Hotel’s Facebook post of the envelope has been shared more than 1200 times and has attracted plenty of comment.

“I’ve had accusations that I’ve done it, good gimmick,” Mr Crimmins said. 

“But complete innocence, it was handed to me by the postmaster.”

Reportedly the letter will not be returned to sender and will be framed and displayed in the hotel until Ned arrives to claim his mail.

Read more about Ned Kelly’s Last Stand at Time Gents.

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