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Abercrombie Hotel Redfern 1949 ANU


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Armful of bottled beer (above) followed a look at this sign (below).

A Redfern hotel has unlimited supplies of bottled beer, which the licensee, Mr F Benjamin, said he will sell to all comers.

Mr. Benjamin on Friday posted outside his hotel notices which said: “Plenty of bottled beer.”

The hotel is the Abercrombie, at the corner of Abercrombie and Cleveland Streets.

The beer on sale is Richmond (ale or pilsener) at the fixed price of 2 shilling and 3 pence a bottle.

Mr Benjamin said yesterday: “We have had bottled beer in stock for the past 18 months.

“In that period we have sold 3,000 bottles a week.

“When I opened the hotel this morning I had 400 dozen bottles of beer.

“I sold 200 dozen between 10am and 1pm.

abercrombie hotel redfern sign 1947“I am expecting a new consignment of 400 dozen bottles early next week.

“Richmond beer comes from Victoria. As long as the railways and other transport services are operating, I can get unlimited supplies.”

Mr Benjamin said he was prepared to sell any quantity of bottled beer to anybody.

Mr Benjamin said he would sell 18-gallon kegs for £10, and nine-gallon kegs for £6.

– Sydney Daily Telegraph Sunday 29 June 1947

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