Kangaroo calls at pub for drink

beer drinking kangarooMELBOURNE, Sat — Will kangaroos drink beer? Should they be permitted to do so? The committee of the Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria was confronted by these puzzles this week.

The matter arose from a recent complaint by a member that a kangaroo kept in a village on the upper Murray had access to the drip-tray of the local inn and frequently amused patrons by getting ‘somewhat sozzled’.

The naturalists referred the complaint to the Fisheries and Game Department, passed it on for police inquiry. The police reported that the kangaroo was rescued as a joey, carefully tended until he grew strong, and then given the freedom of the village. He usually roams the paddocks, but comes to the hotel occasionally for a drink of milk, and is apparently quite happy. He does not drink beer.

– Perth Daily News 4 October 1947

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  1. An Aussie bloke went drinking with a bunch of his kangaroo mates last night and cracked the shits cause they didn’t buy him one coldie all evening.

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