Sister Pubs, A history of the Bellambi Hotel, Bellambi & Heritage Hotel, Bulli

Sister Pubs Cover

TO help celebrate the 130th anniversaries of the Heritage Hotel, Bulli and the Bellambi Hotel, Bellambi, ‘Time Gents’ presents the history book, ‘Sister Pubs’, featuring stories of their colourful characters, a list of all the publicans, amusing yarns, and plenty of beaut pictures.

There are two hotels trading north of Wollongong, on the NSW south coast, that can best be described as ‘sister pubs’, two businesses that have stood the test of time, that have similar histories, and that have been sustained for most of their 130 years by the thirsts of hard drinking coal miners, and blue collar workers.

The Bellambi Hotel and Bulli’s Heritage Hotel opened seven months apart in 1889 to service an infant tourism industry, and the social needs of the surrounding communities.

The book can be purchased from the Black Diamond Heritage Centre (eastern platform of Bulli Railway Station, Franklin Avenue, Bulli) open Sundays from 1pm to 4pm and from the Bellambi Hotel (Call first limited stocks remaining).


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