Melbourne Hotels

Royal Oak Hotel, North Fitzroy

The Royal Oak Hotel is located at the corner of Nicholson and Freeman Streets, Fitzroy North. The Melbourne pub was opened in March 1871 by Emma Phair. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the hotel was owned by Mick… Read More ›

Thirsty ‘budgie’ was the ‘drinkers’ friend’ and ‘one of the boys’ at Fitzroy’s Standard Hotel

A THIRSTY budgie became somewhat of a celebrity in 1954 when it featured in newspapers from Newcastle to Melbourne. Joe the five-week-old budgerigar, was said to have been the “drinkers’ friend” and “one of the boys” at its home at… Read More ›

Melbourne-Sydney rivalry extended to the bar-room, with beer-pouring challenge

TWO Sydney barmaids — Billie Williams and Gladys Henwood — were not impressed by Melbourne’s champion beer puller, Cyril O’Brien, who boasted he could serve 1000 customers in an hour at the Windsor Hotel. Newspapers across the country reported in… Read More ›

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