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The original sheet music of Goodnight Mr Moon.

The original sheet music of Goodnight Mr Moon.

Composer and publican, Allan Ryan

Composer and publican, Allan Ryan

MELBOURNE, Saturday.— A song composed by the licensee of a well-known Melbourne hotel made musical history this week when it became the first Australian composition  to top the sheet music sales.

The song  is “Goodnight, Mr. Moon.” The composer, Mr. Allan Ryan, licensee of Young and Jackson’s Hotelsaid today: “Band-leader William Lynch [Flynn], who arranged it, and myself, are negotiating to have Bing Crosby sing “Goodnight, Mr. Moon” in a film he is making this year.

“It will be the first Australian composition he has sung in a film.”

The song was praised by Cardinal Spellman when he visited Australia recently.

Neither Mr. Ryan nor Mr. Lynch can play any instrument.

– Truth (Sydney), Sunday 29 August 1948, page 32.

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  1. Has anyone heard a recording of Good night Mr. Moon?

    • Allan Ryan was my grandfather. He died in 1967, about a month after I was born. Guido is right, the song never made it to the screen, but there was a bit of corro between B Crosby and my grandfather. In the end I think Bing sent him a master recording of a song that he messed up and started swearing as a consolation prize. That is still around somewhere.

      I havent heard the song, but I think by father has in on sheet music and an old 78.
      He was the Publican of Young and Jacksons opposite Flinders Street Station in Melbourne at the time. He was there for 20-30years. Im not exactly sure. He ran a few pubs around Vic and NSW before that,

  2. Thank you for your post… I just checked the web and found the actual songs which were included in the 1948 Bing Crosby movie called The Emeror Waltz. The soundtrack did not include Good Night Mr Moon, unfortunately. Here are the actual songs in the movie:

    The Kiss in Your Eyes
    Music by Richard Heuberger (uncredited)
    English Lyrics by Johnny Burke

    Friendly Mountains
    based on Austrian yodel songs (uncredited)
    Lyrics by Johnny Burke

    The Emperor Waltz
    Music by Johann Strauß
    Lyrics by Johnny Burke

    I Kiss Your Hand, Madame
    Music by Ralph Erwin
    English Lyrics by Sam Lewis and Joe Young

    Get Yourself a Phonograph
    Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
    Lyrics by Johnny Burke


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