Thirsty termites

drunk white ant bw
DARWIN’S termites are gaining fame.
The recent news of their destruction of £300 worth of beer stored in a galvanised iron salt-strewn shed reminds a Cairns (N.Q.) resident of another incident of 20 years ago. He was then proprietor of the old Terminus Hotel, Darwin, now pulled down, and one morning discovered that a set of ivory snooker balls had been completely bored out by the voracious termites. Only an outer shell-like husk remained. Wooden legged men have to keep on the move in Darwin. — Torres.
– The World’s News (Sydney, NSW)Saturday 7 January 1939.
HAVE you heard the one about the drunk who staggered into the hotel and asked the publican to give him a drink? The publican refused. The drunk persisted in his request, but the publican was adamant. Finally the drunk, in desperation, yelled, “Are you going to give me a drink?” The publican (just as emphatically): “No.” Then the drunk pulled out a matchbox, and muttered “You’ll be sorry.” He tapped the matchbox on the counter and out fell a white ant. Leaning over the termite, the drunk said “Go on, Charlie — wreck the
Brisbane Telegraph (Qld) Wednesday 26 July 1950

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