Victoria hotels

Grim coincidence

WILLIAM Morrow was employed by the Melbourne Harbour Trust to look after the Dredge Latrobe. The 56-year-old single man lived on board the dredge. One evening in June 1910 he went up into Yarraville to buy some groceries, bought them,… Read More ›


Victoria Hotel, Geelong

Sucked Beer Through Garden Hose MELBOURNE, Tuesday. – The story of the disappearance of a nine-gallon barrel of beer from the Victoria Hotel, Geelong, on May 5, and the subsequent discovery of five men seated round the barrel sucking the… Read More ›

Albert Hotel, Bendigo

HOTEL WITH SECRET PASSAGE. Police Make Discovery. BENDIGO, Thursday – Following a police raid on the Albert Hotel, McCrae-street, on the night of 23rd November, the licensee, Muriel Spalding, was charged in the city court today with having permitted persons… Read More ›

Lorne Hotel, Lorne

THE VARIETIES OF SUBURBAN LIFE – A CURIOUS COW. At the Colac Court, Victoria, Nellie Rooke, licensee of the Lorne Hotel, sued J. T. Anderson, storekeeper, of Lorne, for trespass by a cow. The cow was a source of constant… Read More ›

Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood

Explosion in Door of Hotel An explosion, which shook the building, blasted the lock from the front door of the Gasometer Hotel, Smith-street, Collingwood (Victoria), early on Saturday. An unexploded stick of gelignite was found beside the door, but police… Read More ›

Hec calls the tune

In this age of TV and large scale entertainment, there’s one hotel in Ballarat (Victoria) which has solved the problem of entertaining customers with a one-man show. It’s the Athletic Club Hotel, where barman Hec Stephens (pictured) plays a toy… Read More ›