Victoria hotels

Baretop girls to be charged

MELBOURNE, Monday. — Two dancers who served the new Courage beer to patrons at a Richmond hotel while naked to the waist on Friday night would be charged with indecent behaviour, the Chief Commissioner of Police, Mr Arnold, said today. Mr… Read More ›


Counter punch

IT could only happen in Melbourne. The Victorian branch of the ULVA has ordered its members not to serve counter lunches*. More than 50 city and suburban publicans openly flouted the ban today, ordering large stocks of sandwiches. Stated opinion… Read More ›

Somewhat Sozzled Roo

MELBOURNE, Sat — Will kangaroos drink beer? Should they be permitted to do so?  The committee of the Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria was confronted by these puzzles this week. The matter arose from a recent complaint by a member… Read More ›

Dream Job

Sampling extract of the foaming malt which will go towards making the 25 per cent, increased ration of beer for the public, is Mr. Julius Dietrich, who has been brewing beer at Richmond, Victoria, for nearly 20 years. –The Sun… Read More ›

Secret behind the mirror

AN old mirror was taken from the High st. wall of St. Kilda’s Junction Hotel yesterday and the picture shows what was written underneath. That’s what Christmas dinners cost at the Junction l8 years ago! Manager Jim Finnigan and licensee Frank… Read More ›