Victoria’s ‘Petticoat Pub’    

petticoat pubRegular customers of a hotel in St. Kilda (Victoria) call it ‘Petticoat Pub.’ Women comprise the whole staff. Licensee Mrs. O. K. Edgar says that women are quicker and more courteous than men at hotel work.

The staff of six includes her two daughters, Pat (22) and Leslie (19).

“The girls do all the heavy work,” said Mrs. Edgar.

“They can roll and tip kegs up to 36-gallon capacity with ease. It’s just amatter of practice. The same applied to heavy yard and cellar work.”

According to Mrs. Edgar, crowds of men are more easily controlled by women.  None of the women staff drink or smoke. When they finish work, the bar is cleaned, the money counted and then they have a cup of tea at the bar.

– The Daily News (Perth, Western Australia), Wednesday November 20 1946.

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