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pubfrog2A RECENT news item tells that at a Grafton (NSW) hotel the barman keeps frogs in the bar in order to keep the place free from cockroaches.

This recalls the fact that many country publicans have a wide variety of attractions in order to get custom.

Nimmitabel (NSW) publican had a pet crow which was a splendid talker and drank the tailings of the glasses; at Picton a collection of freak tree roots and branches resembling well-known public personalities are always a source of interest; a Mount Victoria hotel has a private museum, a Macleay (Q.), hotel has a private zoo, and the old Collector Hotel, between Goulbourn and Canberra, has a splendid collection of relics of the bushranging days.— A.T. (NSW).

– The World’s News (Sydney) Saturday 14 June 1947.

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