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  • Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld), Wednesday 25 September 1946, page 5.

beer glasses 2

BEER GLASSES at this Sydney hotel go through a hot water gauntlet but still do not come up to the health ideal of sterilisation. Most glasses are still swilled in cold water and in some cases in Sydney the water is dirty at that.

– Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 30 March 1947, page 14.

beer glass 4Schooner Not Yet Over Bar:

THE NEW 20 oz. schooner beer glass (right), with the present 16 oz. schooner glass and the ‘middie.’  The Premier (Mr. McGirr) has announced that 400,000 of these new schooners will be manufactured, tested and stamped by October 1.  However, they will not come into use until all hotels have been supplied, and after proclamation of a new section of the Liquor Act dealing with their use.

– Truth (Sydney, NSW), Sunday 10 August 1947, page 6.

beer glass 5– News (Adelaide, SA), Wednesday 6 April 1949, page 7.

beer glasses 6NO 11 OUNCE POTS

When asked yesterday by a press photographer to show him the various sized beer glasses for which new prices have been fixed by the Prices Commissioner, this well-known Burnie barman smilingly obliged. He produced (left to right), 5 oz., 7 oz. and 8 oz. glasses, but when it came to an 11 oz. pot he was stumped, so he brought out a 10 oz. pot just for the sake of comparison. Eleven-oz. pots have not been used in Tasmania for about 20 years.

– Advocate (Burnie, Tas.), Friday 2 November 1951, page 3.

beer glasses 3AN attendant in a city hotel dips dirty beer glasses into a new washing and sterilising unit.

– The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW), Sunday 21 September 1952, page 6.

beer glass 7Two-pint Personal Glass

Mr. Toby Mills (right), Newcastle sportsman, now has a personal beer glass of a size to his liking. He holds the glass, which contains two pints, while Mr. Toby Sanderson drinks with him from a 3oz. glass, in a Newcastle hotel yesterday. The big glass was specially made for Mr. Mills by Mr. Sanderson’s nephew, who is a technician in glass.

– Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (NSW), Saturday 6 December 1952, page 3.


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