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A RECENT article in your estimable paper, “Lamb Likes a Glass of Ale,” reminds me of Billy, of Sussex Street, Sydney. He was once a well-known identity in the shape of an old be-whiskered goat, but died some years ago. When he absented himself from Sussex Street pubs, many mourned his demise.

His actual business was to lead sheep going to or from the wharves; the simple-minded animals followed the old sinner with the utmost confidence.

But work concluded, however, Billy would butt into the nearest pub, and, forefeet propped on the counter, wait till some kind Samaritan held a mug of beer between his whiskers. As everyone knew Billy, he never went short, and once, when visitors shouted largely for the fun of seeing Billy drink, he was known to reel dizzily down the pavement, and the policeman only smiled genially at his “day out”; but Billy got home, even so!—Boomerang.

-The World’s News (Sydney) November 28 1928.

goat beer

Beer Drinking Goat

“Boomerang’s” beerdrinking goat (W.N. 28.11.28) has a peer in Townsville (Q.). This big-framed, ginger colored wether-goat is as fond of his pint as many of his two-footed friends. He may often be seen pushing open the bar-door of one hotel which seems to be a favorite haunt of his.

He will then stand up on his hind legs and look often and long at the barman and those who may be standing about, as though he would say, in true “beer-hum”style, “Who’s go’n’ to ‘do in’?”  Many times has this goat had his patience tried by practical jokers, who would hand him a glass empty or containing about a spoonful of beer, and just as many times has the big wether charged straight for his tormentors to “butt” them for their pains.


The World’s News (Sydney) January 16 1929.

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