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theodor lenneberg publican frontTheodor Lenneberg, the licensee of the New Crown Hotel, George-street, is too well known to need any introduction from this paper.

For the last 40 years he and his family have been intimately connected with the history of Queensland.

Born in Germany, at an early age his father went to America, where Mr. Lenneberg, junr., was educated. In the early ’60’s he came to Melbourne, and shortly after to Queensland, starting in the storekeeping line at Pimpama.

This was then a centre of the sugar-growing district, and Mr. Lenneberg may be considered as the pioneer of the Coomera, Nerang, and Southport diatricts, he opening up and carrying on the first stores in these places.

At 21 years of age he was made a magistrate, and claims to be the youngest J.P. ever placed on the Commission of the Peace in Queensland.

In 1878 he contested the Logan seat in Parliament against Adam Black, the McAllister nominee, but through a ballot box not turning up, the seat was given to Black.

The returning-officer, Mr. Gibson, however, refused to sign the writ of election,and was called to the bar of the House and ordered to do so. Still refusing, all his offices and emoluments were taken from him.

Some time later Mr. Lenneberg came to Brisbane, and in 1887 went home for the Queen’s Jubilee. On returning he contested the Albert seat against Mr Plunkett, but  was again defeated.

In 1893, having been some years out of business he purchased his present hotel, which he has sucessfully conducted ever since.

Mr Lenneberg has a large family, and one daughter is the licensee of the Southport Hotel, Southport.

-Truth (Brisbane) Sunday 22 January 1905

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