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bob vickers publicanBob Vickers, the popular proprietor of the Longreach Hotel (Queensland), is a native of the Logan. He went to Victoria when a mere child, and returned 16 years ago, taking up the position of providore to the Johmonian Club where, coming in contact with all classws and grades of society, he very quickly established himself as a real good follow.

Mr. Vickers has a real solid grievance against the Home Department, in that he is most carefully and scrupulously guarded on Sundays, while other pubs, with a well known political pull, make the law a perfect laughing stock by the glaring openness with which they gather in their Sunday harvest.

The fact of the matter is that Parry Okeden and Pink Peter are such a pair of weak-kneed helpless, poor “critturs” that they can’t see the law being openly flouted elsewhere, while they “strain  at the goat” by putting four “copmen” to  watch the Longreach.

This is a matter the Licensed Victuallers should give attention to on their approaching annual meeting.

-Truth (Brisbane, Qld) January 22 1905.

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