Bottle of beer in 10 seconds.

tobyThis is Mr. ‘Toby’  Sanderson, 15 stone, 12 pound (Just over 100kg), Newcastle bowler, now in Brisbane — with ‘Toby’ his personal beer glass.

The nine inch high (22cm) glass holds 26 ounces (738.7396ml), and makes the drinking of a bottle of beer a mere matter of 10 seconds for Mr. Sanderson.

His, brother-in-law, Mr. Kurt Klingsteadt, of Newcastle, who makes glasses fora hobby, fashioned it for him in his kitchen when Mr. Sanderson found ordinary-sized glasses of beer could not satisfy his thirst.

Mr. Sanderson brought the glasses here to sample Queensland beer satisfactorily. He intends presenting it to Mr. Bert. Noonan, of the Queen’s Arms Hotel, Teneriffe, before he leaves Brisbane.

Mr. Sanderson is a member of the City of Newcastle Bowling Club, and was amember of the championship four of that city in 1947.

Before he went to the green he emptied ‘Toby.’

-Sunday Mail (Brisbane) Sunday 5 June 1949

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