They duck when the drinks fly

Double Bay Golden Sheaf Hotel

The Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney NSW. Photo:

beer glass trick header
beer glass trick

A barmaid fills beer glasses. Arrow shows a dummy glass. Customers duck as they think they are about to receive the “beer” in their faces. Still miraculously dry, customers examine the dummy glass.

A BARMAID who threw a glass of beer at a police sergeant at the Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, saying : “Here – cop this?” still lives to tell the tale.

In fact, she’s still throwing beer at customers. Her name is Gloria. Customers she throws the glass at don’t know until later that the glass is filled with honey — and a wax top which is sealed to the glass and holds in the honey, represents froth on the beer.

Hotel manager J. H. Thomas said that when he entered the saloon bar one morning a customer asked him what sort of beer he sold. “With that,” said Mr. Thomas, “he threw the beer at me. I ducked. I thought I’d collect the lot.” He was so keen about the trick glass that he persuaded the cus-tomer to give it to him.

“Gets them all in”

“That was last week. Since then the barmaids have been having a lot of fun with it,” Mr. Thomas said.

“It gets the customers in, and nobody’s annoyed.”

Mr. Thomas said that so far the wrong glass of beer had not been thrown.

The Sun (Sydney) Sunday 20 April 1947


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