The 1929 Launceston flood

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A “Jacobs Ladder” was used by the boarders at the Esplanade Hotel, Inveresk to reach the boats. Photo: The Australasian (Melbourne) Saturday April 13 1929.

THE Inveresk and York Park Precinct in Launceston, Tasmania, once Tasmania’s largest industrial site, is now the major cultural heart of the city.

In April 1929, the worst flood in Tasmanian history hit the Launceston area, lasting several days. Heavy rains and strong winds continued from Wednesday April 3, and continuing through to the Saturday.

Much of Inveresk and Newstead and all of Invermay where under water. Evacuations continued through Saturday by boat, the only remaining way to travel. On Monday April 8, 3,000 people had been moved from Invermay, Inveresk and Margaret Street. Four thousand had been evacuated from surrounding areas.

  • Thanks to Launceston Historical Society.

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  1. There were reports of floods when I visited in July 2016!

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