Sydney’s smallest pub frontage

Goulburn Hotel George and Goulburn Streets 1936 ANU small

Goulburn Hotel, corner of Goulburn and George Streets, Haymarket, 1936. Photo: Australian national University, Noel Butlin Archives.

WITH less than four feet (1.22m) facing George Street, Scruffy Murphy’s is said to have the smallest frontage of a pub in Sydney.

The pub, originally known as the Goulburn Hotel, was purchased by Sydney brewery, Tooheys Limited in 1930. The brewery replaced what was a large three storey corner pub, with a new two storey hotel and three shops in 1934. The pub’s name was changed in later years from the Goulburn Hotel to the Irished themed, Scruffy Murphys.

goulburn hotel sydney 1933

The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW) Saturday 20 May 1933.



scruffy murphys goulburn hotel haymarket sydney google

Scruffy Murphy’s pub at the corner of Goulburn and Georges Streets, Haymarket. The George Street “frontage” (to the right) is said to be smallest for a pub in Sydney, being less than 1.22m or barely four feet. Photo: Google Streetview.


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  1. Two hotels come to mind. The Haymarket Hotel that went through from George St to Sussex St. And the Star Hotel at Parramatta opposite the park???

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