Albion Hotel, Braidwood

Albion Hotel Braidwood 1928

Albion Hotel, Braidwood 1928. Photo: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.

BRAIDWOOD, Wednesday.— With the approval of the Licensing Board for the surrender of the licence, the Albion Hotel, Braidwood (NSW), one of the oldest in the State, will close in six months. On behalf of the owner, Mrs. C. F. Doutreband, of Gosford, it was stated that the amount (£1600) for renovations ordered by the board could not be obtained. With the closing of the Albion there will be only two hotels in Braidwood. During the height of the gold-diggings the town boasted 33 hotels.
– The Sun (Sydney, NSW) Wednesday 19 April 1933.

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