Tourist Hotel, Bathurst


First Nugget Hotel later Tourist Hotel Bathurst 1924 ANU

The First Nugget Hotel, Bathurst, NSW 1924. Photo: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.


Magistrate’s Regret.

The passing of the picturesque names of hotels of earlier days was commented on in the Bathurst Licensing Court by Mr. Bromhead, P.M. He granted an application to change the name of the First Nugget Hotel to the Tourist Hotel. Mr. W. S. Bromhead said that it was with some personal regret, that he saw these names altered, and the severance of the few remaining links with the early digging days. The First Nugget Hotel is being rebuilt. The former building was reputed to be 100 years old.

– The Grenfell Record and Lachlan District Advertiser (NSW)Thursday 7 December 1939.


Tourist Hotel Bathurst 1940

The Tourist Hotel, Bathurst, 1940. Photo: Australian National University, Noel Butlin Archives.

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