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dolphin brewery victroria 1900

Daylesford Brewery 1900

Daylesford Brewery in Bridport Street, Daylesford, Victoria, operated from 1861 to 1916. The brewery was started by the Borsa brothers, Antonio and Battista and two years later was taken over by Nicholas Fitzgerald, in partnership with James Perrin. The Fitzgerald brothers owned the Castlemain Brewery, the Newbridge Brewery and wine, spirit and produce stores at Creswick and Daylesford.

In his book, The Breweries of Australia, A History, Keith M. Deutsher reveals that the Daylesford Brewery was of weather board construction, and the water for brewing came through fine rocks into a crystal-clear well. Perrins managed the brewery until 1871.

James Dolphin became the owner of the brewery in 1873, brewing constantly good-quality beer for almost 40 years. The Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic.), reported on December 1 1900:


Daylesford is not a teetotal township, though the people are strictly temperate. Moreover, it is a place which believes in, so far as is possible, providing for its own need, and, with a plentiful supply of the purest water, and the best of the agricultural products required for the manufacture of beer, it is not surprising that there is an extensive and well-equipped brewery. Mr James Dolphin is the proprietor and also the brewer, and he declares that a glass of Daylesford ale is equal to the mythical nectar of the gods. How the equality was arrived at deponent knoweth not; the fact remains that Mr Dolphin’s brews are vastly appreciated by townsfolk and visitors alike. Our representative paid a visit to the premises, situated on a hill commanding a splendid view of the town and its environs, and was delighted with what he saw and – well, readers may guess the rest. Absolute cleanliness is the dominant feature of the establishment. From the vats above to the cellar cool below, everything was in apple-pie order on the occasion of an unexpected inspection, and in these days such healthful conditions constitute a strong recommendation. Mr Dolphin has succeeded in vanquishing an opposition, and takes care to preserve his advantage by turning out a first-class article.

Frank Sheppard took over the brewery in 1910 before its closure in 1916.


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