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cyanideTWO barmaids who once pulled beers from behind bars of the same pubs in the mid 1890s, tragically took their own lives – two years apart – over broken relationships.

Nellie Willis shot her estranged fiancé, Ernest McFadden in the throat at Auburn, in Sydney’s west, in August 1897 after an argument.

After firing the shot, the young woman then took refuge in a house, but when the police came, she turned the gun on herself, dying a few hours later.

McFadden’s wound was not serious and he recovered.

The shootings were the result of an argument over McFadden  reportedly braking off their engagement.

Two years later, in 1899, Elizabeth Allardyce drank cyanide after her partner, Tom Miller also suggested the pair go their seperate ways. Police believed at the time that Miller found his girlfriend dead with the bottle of poison beside her, and heartbroken, he also took his own life by swallowing the lethal liquid.

Police later discovered the strange twist to the tragic tale. Although both their deaths were unrelated, they had both been barmaids at the same two pubs in Orange, in central west NSW, a few years before taking their lives.

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