Selborne Hotel, Adelaide

selborne hotel pirie street 1934.jpeg

Selbourne Hotel, Adelaide 1935. Photo: State Library of South Australia.



ADELAIDE. Tuesday. The unexplained vagaries of a motor car caused some excitement in Pirie-street today. After capsizing a buggy, it swung across the road, knocked down a cyclist, missed a row of verandah posts by fractions of an inch, threw two boys to the ground, breaking the leg of one, and finally came to a standstill in the bar of the Serborne Hotel, after crashing through the plate glass window. The driver was unable to explain the misbehavior of the vehicle.

– The Daily News (Perth) Tuesday 22 January 1924

Selborne Hotel, Pirie Street, was located on the north side, 36 yards west of Gawler Place and had a frontage is 16.5 yards. The Selborne Hotel was an early meeting place for the United Trades and Labor Council. Major alterations were made to the Selborne Hotel in 1936. At the time of this photograph the proprietor of the hotel was TF Dollard.


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  1. Title should read Selborne, not Serborne, or have (sic) after it.

  2. I’m interested in any connection between the Selborne Hotel and the Muirden Brothers’ Adelaide Shorthand Institute (also in Pirie Street) in the late 1880s and early 1890s. Were they close by and was there any connection other than geographic proximity?

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