The George Hotel, Ballarat

George Hotel Ballarat 1898

THE George Hotel, in Lydiard street, opposite the Ballarat Stock Exchange, is one of the first-class hotels of Ballarat. It is a large and old-established house, and has lately fallen into most competent hands, its management having been taken over by Mr Charles E. House, whose past reputation is a guarantee that the future conduct of the hotel will be such as to establish its name more firmly than ever.

Mr House is a courteous and pleasant mannered gentleman, who has had a long experience in hotel keeping. House’s Hotel, at Creswick, was one of the most popular and best managed of institutions. Mr House himself was exceedingly popular in that district. He was for years a member of the borough council and hospital committee, and as president of the Bowling Club won general esteem. As regards Mrs House, the perfect order and comfort of the George Hotel speaks volumes.

The residents of Creswick have much regretted her departure form that district, and on the occasion of a valedictory banquet tendered to her husband, took occasion to express their sorrow at parting both with himself and Mrs House.

In Ballarat Mr House is certain to win the same regard. He is a thorough sportsman, a man who takes much interest in mining, and one who thoroughly identifies himself with the interests of the city or town in which he lives.

The hotel has abundance of accommodation for visitors, there being 30 large and comfortably furnished bedrooms, and private drawing and dining rooms. Many of the bed rooms have dressing rooms attached, a comfort which is but rarely met with. Families living in this house can enjoy perfect privacy, its public trade being altogether Independent. Large ball rooms are also to be found here, and generally every convenience which could be wished for.

A wide balcony fronts the upper storey of the house, when the cool evening breezes can be enjoyed. A special dining room for ladies is kept on the first floor.

The public part of the hotel consists of two bar rooms, facing Lydiard street: a private bar at the rear, and sitting and smoking rooms. A fine public dining room is also on this floor, where an excellent ordinary is to be obtained.

The liquors and cigars vended at the hotel are of excellent brands, and of all varieties. The wants of commercial travellers are also catered for. There is a comfortable commercial room, and a large sample room second to none in the country. A fine billiard room, and a room devoted to cyclists, are also noteworthy.

Fine stables, which are in the occupation of the well known firm of Cobb and Co., adjoin the hotel. Every convenience that travellers and visitors can require is afforded at this hotel, and all its departments are well conducted.

Under Mr House’s efficient management, a very prosperous future is in store for the George.

– Melbourne Weekly Times February 26 1898

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