Criterion Hotel, Sydney

Criterion Hotel Pitt and Park Sts 1940 anu

Criterion Hotel, corner of Pitt and Park Streets, Sydney, 1940. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

No Beer, Hotel Shut, Sailor Unhappy

criterion hotel sydney closed no beer 1942The Criterion Hotel, Pitt-street, city, was unable to open its doors except for an hour late this afternoon, because of the shortage of beer.

“The position is hopeless,” said the licensee, Mr. A. Horsman.

“The extra quota has been exhausted. If we open in the morning, we will have no beer left for our regular customers. What is worrying us is that many of our regular customers, all of whom are men returned from overseas or men of the Allied forces, cannot get their beer.

“Yesterday we were closed for three hours; today we will not open until 5.15pm, and the day’s supply of beer will be sold before 6pm.”

Other city hotels reported that their beer supplies would see them through until the next delivery, and that extra rationing would not be necessary.

– Sydney Sun Friday May 15 1942

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