Dog had a taste in Irish celebrations

Tattersalls Hotel Parramatta 1930 anu

Tattersall’s Hotel, corner of George and Church Streets, Parramatta, 1930. Photo: Noel Butlin Archives, Australian National University.

four leaf cloverA well-dressed man with a shamrock in his buttonhole celebrated “Be Kind to Animals Week” as well as St. Patrick’s Day at Parramatta on March 17 1933.

Walking into the Tattersall’s Hotel, at the corner of Church and George Streets accompanied by a beautiful Irish setter, he ordered a glass of porter.

The Sydney Sun reported that he drank his porter, and then ordered a mug of beer.

“Here you are, Mick,” he said to his dog, which lapped half of the beer. He then raised the mug and finished off the beer.


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