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woolpack hotel canterbury NSW

There are several Woolpack Hotels in the State, but the oldest of them all, with the exception perhaps of that at Parramatta, has lately been demolished at Canterbury.

The earliest inhabitants, differ as to its age. Some say it had nearly reached the century, but Mr. Joseph Wren, an old native of the place, gives the age of the hotel at about 80 years.

Among the licensees of the old Woolpack were Messrs. Samuel Miller, James File, Kelsey, William Rogers, and M. A. Wagschall. The last-named is the proprietor of the modern Woolpack Hotel, built alongside of the site of its old namesake.

– Sydney Sun September 24 1913.

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  1. Hi Mick,
    Delighted to have found your article and photo of the Woolpack Hotel Canterbury.
    I have a photo of this hotel in 1860 when William Rogers was the licensee.
    He is my ancestor and I have spent many years trying to locate where the hotel was.
    There were so many called Woolpack, which made it difficult,but this is unmistakably the very one.
    I read your article about Cocky Bennett the parrot who was there in his later years,what a fantastic story.
    In my photo you can see William Roger’s name over the door with family members outside.
    As you can appreciate it is a very old photo but has scanned up quite well.
    Would you like a copy?

    • Thanks Ann. Would love a copy of the photograph of the hotel, and any info on William Rogers… If you like, I can put a short story together for the site. You can email the picture and info to: timegents@yahoo.com Thanks again for getting in touch… 🙂

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